Home News Democrats campaign on killing education choice for veterans – The Washington Times

Democrats campaign on killing education choice for veterans – The Washington Times


Shalala targets 90/10 funding rule of career-oriented colleges


Summer is almost over and the November election is just around the corner, which means that Americans are once again strapping themselves in for the metaphorical bumpy ride to the finish line.

But while the focus for the next few months will largely center on the main candidates, big headlines and the litany of promises each party will make, we ought to be paying just as much attention to the acts taking shape in Washington right now, as congressional Democrats are launching yet another election-year broadside against education choice.

As a parent and an educator, it frustrates me to no end that a sizable number of politicians and bureaucrats have made it their life’s work to thoroughly control education from Washington.

As a retired naval chief petty officer who spent 27 years teaching leadership skills to help prepare thousands of young men and women for their future, I am outraged that career politicians are brazenly working to steal educational and career opportunities from the courageous men and women who wear the uniform of our nation.

But here we are again, with yet another Democrat-sponsored bill that would essentially deny veterans the opportunity to use their GI Bill tuition assistance at the education establishment of their choice. Their plan targets the 90/10 funding rule that applies solely to the roughly 260 private career-oriented colleges often attended by veterans and adult learners.

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