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Nightingale College Nursing Students Pivot to Online Simulations to Continue their Education Uninterrupted by COVID-19


This change allow a record number of newly enrolled nursing students while other nursing programs are slowing down because of COVID-19 challenges. Nightingale College provides a high-quality nursing career through a modern, completely online experience . With the difficult challenges from COVID-19, Nightingale accelerated plans to lead worldwide movement to provide education – especially nursing education – to anyone, anywhere; started its largest class ever in May

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Nightingale College accelerated plans to include virtual clinical simulation and at-home skills practice kits as part of their nursing curriculum. This change allowed nursing students to continue their education uninterrupted during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The College recently announced plans to bring nursing education nationwide through its remote Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, allowing students to engage in online learning for the majority of the curriculum time. This program will require students to travel to an on-ground hub, overseen by faculty, once a semester to perform skills pass-offs and experiential learning rotations at healthcare facilities. The College also proudly announced the rapid pivot to online simulations did not require any additional federal funds.

As a result, May 2020 saw the largest starting group of learners across the College’s academic programs, including associate’s and bachelor’s degrees in nursing, as well as RN-to-BSN and master’s in nursing education. Since its inception nearly 10 years ago, Nightingale College has graduated more than 1,000 learners and currently has a student body of more than 1,000 learners in its nursing programs.

“The centerpiece of Nightingale’s mission is to elevate health in the communities we serve by increasing demographic, socioeconomic and geographic access to nursing education,” said Mikhail Shneyder, president and CEO of Nightingale College. “Through technology, nearly anyone, anywhere can enroll into academic programs to start or advance their nursing careers.”

Additionally, Nightingale College announced the availability of two free online courses for health care professionals and consumers, now available here on uCertify. The first course provides information about wellness for the public and covers topics of immediate interest including assessing wellness, nutrition, sleep and exercise, among others, as well as strengthening immune systems and managing COVID-19 infections at home.

The second course, Ventilator Management, provides knowledge to support healthcare professionals who may need deeper background in the management of ventilators, including key topics such as how ventilators function, ventilator operations, scenarios in which ventilators are required, etc. This course features Dr. Robert Arnot’s introduction and highly curated content from the Centers for Disease Control and Kahn Academy.

For more information about Nightingale College and its nursing education programs, click here.



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