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6 data security tips for working from home – Thompson Coburn LLP


This is a joint publication between Thompson Coburn’ Cybersecurity group, and Jarrett Kolthoff and Benjamin Auton of SpearTip Cyber Counterintelligence.

In response to COVID-19, many companies have shifted their workforce to working remotely. This creates some entirely new security challenges. Remote employees may not be working within their company’s secured environment, and many companies are not well prepared to secure remote work. SpearTip Cyber Counterintelligence and Thompson Coburn have partnered together to give you some tips that you can consider implementing to add more security to your remote work. These tips are for informational purposes only and do not constitute legal or cybersecurity advice. For legal or cybersecurity advice for your particular circumstances, you should consult an attorney or cybersecurity professional.

Legal or regulatory obligations that may apply directly to an entity or indirectly passed along by contract to the entity may impose requirements for added or revised security controls. Many laws or regulations require, or at least strongly suggest, performing regular risk assessments of information systems and updating those risk assessments to address changes in the information systems, company operations, or changes to the nature of risks. In the new remote work reality, company personnel may need to assume a more active role in securing data and information systems.

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