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Moving to Digital Learning Fast: Where to Start – Campus Technology


As coronavirus changes life as we knew it, these education experts offer advice on how to make the transition to online instruction.

Numerous colleges and universities across the country suddenly find themselves in the position of having to teach online due to changes introduced by the national response to coronavirus and COVID-19. While every institution has its share of early adopters, people who have been delivering instruction totally or partially online for years, there are plenty of other faculty who are new to the process. To help schools make the transition as quickly and comprehensively as possible, Campus Technology reached out to instructional teams in universities and education technology experts to answer the questions we believe nearly every institution is rushing to answer right now.

This is part 1 of a series: Stay tuned for more in the coming week.

Most of my faculty haven’t done this before. Where should we start with training them?

“Start where you can! The faculty likely has e-mail and can start with sending information through [that].” —Kara Longo Korte, director, product management at TetraVX

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