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3 Predictions for Higher Ed in 2020 – Campus Technology


Richard Garrett, chief research officer at higher education research firm Eduventures, has released three predictions for 2020 and at least two of them expect innovative education to beat out traditional — at least by some counts.

In a recent article, Garrett suggested that certificate programs will continue their double-digit growth in 2020 even as master’s programs sputter; and coding bootcamps will outdo master’s degrees in computer science.

For the first prediction, Garrett pointed out that the five-year completion rate for a graduate certificate was 33 percent compared to 9 percent for master’s degrees, and the one-year completion rate was 11 percent versus 2 percent, respectively. However, he noted, the total number of completions for certificates was just 71,000 compared to 827,000 master’s degrees.

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