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Proposed Amendment Scrutinizes For-Profit Schools Targeting Veterans – Diverse


Florida Democrat Rep. Dr. Donna Shalala proposed an amendment to the annual defense spending bill, the National Defense Authorization Act, which would audit for-profit colleges that enroll veterans while failing to meet Department of Education financial responsibility standards. It would require the secretary of defense to review how much Department of Defense Tuition Assistance a for-profit receives and to publish the results online. The goal is to make for-profit schools more transparent so service members can make more informed college decisions – and avoid situations like ITT Tech.

While the amendment enjoyed bipartisan support in the House of Representatives with 20 Republicans joining Democrats to vote in favor, it didn’t make it into the Senate version of the National Defense Authorization Act. So, the amendment will now be considered by a conference committee composed of members of the Senate and House Armed Service committees.

“This is personal for me,” says Shalala. “Every generation of my family has served in our country’s military, and all have used their educational benefits. I know the value of a good education. I have seen it firsthand in my four decades as an educator and as a college president. Our veterans deserve better than policies that allow bad actors in our education system to take advantage of their service and their sacrifice.”

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