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Reshuffling The Federal Student Aid Office – Politico


The Trump administration is planning a major reorganization of the Education Department’s Office of Federal Student Aid. The department will significantly reduce number of senior officials who serve on the FSA executive committee and who report directly to the head of the office, according to a plan presented during a staff meeting on Tuesday and reviewed by POLITICO.

— Senior officials began developing the Federal Student Aid reorganization last October, and DeVos signed off on the plan last week, according to the presentation slides.

— Under the plan, fewer senior officials will report directly to Mark Brown, the new chief operating officer whom DeVos appointed last month. The 18-member executive committee of senior leaders will be reduced to eight members, including Brown, to make it “a smaller, decision-focused body,” according to the presentation slides.

— The executive committee will consist of four new deputy chief operating officers: A. Wayne Johnson, deputy for strategy, innovation, and transformation; Michael Dean, deputy for strategic measures and outcomes; Robin Minor, deputy for partner participation and oversight; and Chris Greene, deputy for customer experience. It will also include senior advisers John Kane and Julian Schmoke Jr. as well as a spot for a new chief of staff. Michael Stratford has more.

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