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Gunderson’s Personal Thoughts Regarding Globe


These are the personal thoughts from Steve Gunderson, they do not reflect the views of CECU since the association’s policy is to not comment on member schools if/when they have problems with the Department:

“The Department’s actions against Globe University yesterday should send a pang of fear up the spine of every school in our sector.  I know the Globe folks really well. They are first-class actors in every way.  Their Democrat AG threw the entire book at their two Minnesota schools back in 2014.  A Democrat judge threw everything out except a misrepresentation charge on a Criminal Justice program that Globe had closed two years earlier.  The basis of the misrepresentation charge was because some police forces in Minnesota require law enforcement programs accredited by a regional accreditor and Globe is accredited by ACICS.  That was the entire charge against the school.  Using this as a basis for their actions, the federal Department removes access to Title IV for ALL their schools, including the 5 schools in Wisconsin and the schools in the Dakotas – even though there are no charges against any of these schools.  It is incredible, unbelievable and so damaging!”

“With Baylor and Louisville being placed on probation by SACS for one year for their violations, I’m wondering if the Department will impose the same treatment!  Globe University has not been placed on probation by its accreditor but the Department references the charges as the basis for the determination to cut off access.  Of course, they won’t do anything to the SACS accredited schools.  But the message here is clear:  This department will do everything it can to hurt the sector before it leaves office!”



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