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Capstone Headwaters

Category: Acquisitions/Mergers & Financing

Education Systems & Solutions, LLC

Categories: Accreditation, Acquisitions/Mergers & Financing, Compliance Consulting, Strategic Planning
Stephen Friedheim and his wife, Jan’s firm, Education Systems & Solutions provides assistance with accreditation, curriculum development, and personnel search services. Steve has been actively involved in the sector since he was hired in 1976 to be the President of AICS. Jan has served as Chairman of an accrediting body, as well as being twice appointed as a member of the Secretary’s Advisory Committee for Institutional Recognition and Accreditation

McClintock & Associates, P.C.

Categories: Accountants, Acquisitions/Mergers & Financing, Compliance
McClintock & Associates is a nationally recognized accounting firm leader, serving the postsecondary education market for more than 40 years. Our clients tell us we have a degree of consideration and passion that goes beyond our accounting work – we develop long-term, personal connections and work to solve your larger business challenges.