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Retaining Online Students: It Takes a Village

By Sherry Olsen, Associate Vice Chancellor Online Division and Christine Mullendore, Project Manager, Keiser University
The prevalence of high attrition rates in online education have far reaching consequences and are associated with significant costs. This article explores trends in online education and provides practical approaches for improving online retention and student success.

Connection Builds Retention: A New Student Advising Model to Increase Your School’s Graduation and Placement Rates

Faculty Mentorship: a Tool for Student Retention

By Isaiah Vianese, Liberal Arts and Sciences Department Chair and Sandra Monteiro, Assistant Dean of Student Services, Mandl School: the College of Allied Health
Institutions across the country are grappling with declining enrollments, while also wrestling with a renewed focus on student outcomes. In 2017, Mandl School: the College of Allied Health ran a successful Faculty Mentorship project and tracked its effects on student retention rates; resulting in an 11.4 percent rise in student retention rates in two degree programs.

Retaining Online Students: It Takes a Village

Boost Retention While Building Community – Assess and Improve Institutional Retention

By Elizabeth Keifer Herron, VP - Solutions & Sales, Collegiate Admission and Retention Solutions (CARS)
Institutions can improve retention while building community by evaluating key risk factors that increase the likelihood for attrition and then develop a framework to measure and improve student outcomes throughout the student life-cycle.

Retaining Online Students: It Takes a Village

Latest Research in Cognitive Science, Impact on Retention and Completion

By Scott Fitzgibbon, Ed.D., The Pacific Institute Education Initiative
In order to break the self-fulfilling prophecy of educational failure, it takes a conscious effort not to slip back into our old Habits, Attitudes, Beliefs, and Expectations (HABEs) of thinking and behaving. It takes a deliberate process of goal-setting and effort (and our assistance) to establish the new HABEs until they replace the old ones.

Retaining Online Students: It Takes a Village

Lunch and Learn for Improved Student Retention

By Christine Sproles, MSN, RN, Assistant Dean of Nursing and Nursing Instructor, Fortis Institute, Pensacola, Florida
Finding new and effective ways to improve retention can often be a daunting task. Lunch and Learn is a program to help improve student retention numbers by engaging students in the culture of nursing early on in their program of study.

Retaining Online Students: It Takes a Village