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Robo-Dog: Stanbridge College Introduces Cutting-Edge Technology for Veterinary Students

Written from an interview with Yasith Weerasuriya, President and CEO, Stanbridge College
Stanbridge College is an example of the introduction of new technology in a manner that directly improves the quality of their students’ education, by providing “hands-on” clinical experience that will prove valuable for their future careers.

Pima Medical Institute Hosts its First Academic Summit

Rocky Vista University is Proof that For-profit and Medical School can be a Good Mix

Written by Barbara A. Schmitz from an interview with Cheryl D. Lovell, PH.D., President & CEO, Rocky Vista University
ABOUT DR. CHERYL D. LOVELL Dr. Cheryl D. Lovell, president and CEO of Rocky Vista University, says that after working decades in higher education, her current position was an “opportunity in the making for 35 years.”

Pima Medical Institute Hosts its First Academic Summit