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Who Will Survive the Downsizing of Higher Education?

By Wallace K. Pond, Ph.D., President, Khawarizmi International College and CEO, Khawarizmi Holding Company
It is true that some number, and maybe a large number, of institutions will not survive the next ten to twenty years and fewer still will truly thrive. Fortunately, there is an emerging model for both surviving and thriving, which a growing number of enlightened colleges and universities are slowly adopting.

A Time For Change

Cambria-Rowe Business College – More Than Just Another School Closing!

By Dennis Spisak, President, DJSpisak Consulting
The closing of Cambria-Rowe Business College hit Dennis Spisak especially hard for a number of reasons. Spisak’s association with Cambria-Rowe, located in his hometown, started early in life. Little did he know that he would one day have a close working relationship and friendship with the owners of Cambria-Rowe.

A Time For Change