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UAT Appoints New Chief Marketing Officer

Valerie Cimarossa
Ms. Valerie Cimarossa

The University of Advancing Technology (UAT) Board of Directors ratified several presidential actions during its summer board meeting. One of those actions was the pre-approval to promote Ms. Valerie Cimarossa to a C-level executive.

Now, Ms. Cimarossa has been officially promoted to the position of UAT Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Jason Pistillo, UAT President, endorsed her promotion with the following: “Valerie is fast, friendly, smart and fearless. I’m proud to have watched her growth over the last few years, and I think her eclectic blend of natural talent, credential, skill and bandwidth is most impressive.” Pistillo continued, “Beyond that, she is a voracious learner and a natural competitor, which is what UAT needs as we move into our next evolution.”

Ms. Cimarossa has been able to scale all UAT growth indicators 20% year over year for the last 24 months (including inquiries, apps, and enrolls). As a champion for education, she is also a leader in community youth organizations. For the Girl Scouts, she has organized STEM summer camps to help encourage women in tech. Ms. Cimarossa donated computers to the new Parson’s Boys & Girls Club of Scottsdale, as well as for the new STEM maker space for all nine Scottsdale clubs. She also serves as an advisory board member for the Boys & Girls Club STEM maker space committee.

About UAT
UAT is an elite, private college in Tempe, Ariz. UAT is 100 percent STEM, focused exclusively on advancing technology and educating students who desire to innovate in emerging technology disciplines. UAT offers 20 undergraduate technology degrees and 5 graduate degrees, including Advancing Computer Science, Information Security, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Game and New Media technologies.




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