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LinkedIn Launches Skills-Based Approach to Hiring – SHRM


Companies like BlackRock, Gap and Wayfair are participating in Skills Path program

LinkedIn’s new skills-based hiring initiative aims to connect employers and job seekers by identifying the core skills for open roles and then connecting qualified candidates to those roles based on their proficiencies.

The Skills Path program is a new way to use LinkedIn Recruiter, in which the company’s learning courses and skills assessments match nontraditional candidates with job interviews. More than a dozen companies are already participating in the pilot program, including BlackRock, Citrix, Gap, Gusto, TaskRabbit and Wayfair.

“How we hire can be limiting,” said Hari Srinivasan, LinkedIn’s vice president of product. “Many recruiting processes depend on relevant experience or degrees to find candidates, but sometimes the person that’s the best fit for the role is from a community an employer has never considered before.”

Andrew Hunter, co-founder of London-based job search engine Adzuna, said that society has conditioned people to think that “the better the education you have, the better job you’re likely to get.

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