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ICYMI: Free College Tuition Programs Already Exist


While Democrats continue their infighting over whether President Biden should cancel student loan debt, Education and Labor Committee Republicans know the truth: for those who want it, free college tuition is available.

On top of Pell grants, which can absolve many low-income students’ need for loans, two existing tax incentives allow students to either partner with a business that will pay for their education upfront or accept a position that offers a student loan repayment assistance program. This means that student loan debt can be repaid without the borrower spending a dime.

In Case You Missed It via the Washington Times, Rep. Virginia Foxx urged businesses to utilize these programs as engines of economic recovery and workforce development:

Congress Already Approved Free College and Mass Student Loan Cancellation
By: Rep. Virginia Foxx
June 9, 2021

(Washington Times)… Elected Democrats and their technocrat allies want to create free college programs and cancel all student loan debt. There is just one problem: college is already free…

Most students receive grant aid from federal, state, and local governments. Colleges themselves usually discount their sticker price by offering students scholarships…

To read the full op-ed in the Washington Times, click here.



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