Home News Exclusive: New plan to expand online education for U.S. workers – AXIOS

Exclusive: New plan to expand online education for U.S. workers – AXIOS


2U, a major provider of remote college and professional training, is partnering with a company that works on education reimbursement to expand online schooling opportunities for U.S. workers, Axios has learned.

Why it matters: American workers need help affordably reskilling for the age of automation, but existing higher education opportunities often leave them unprepared and laden with debt. The new partnership aims to take advantage of remote education to meet workers where they are, with what they need.

Driving the news: This morning 2U will announce a partnership with Guild Education, which helps employers offer educational opportunities to their workers, to expand 2U’s online offerings with major universities to Guild’s corporate partners.

  • “Together we can offer high quality options for social mobility through education,” says Chip Paucek, 2U’s co-founder and CEO.

How it works: 2U is a long-time player in remote higher education, partnering with more than 75 non-profit colleges and universities — including Morehouse College and the London School of Economics — to provide hundreds of digital education programs, from undergraduate degrees to professional short courses.

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