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University CIO role evolved during pandemic, says DeVry CIO – Ed Scoop


At many colleges and universities, chief information officers have become important decision makers in leveraging technology to advance teaching and learning. In an interview with EdScoop, Chris Campbell, chief information officer at the for-profit DeVry University, said the role of the CIO has continued to evolve during the health crisis into that of a key leader who works across the institution to find opportunities for improvement.

Technology has become increasingly important to advance the services and operations of an institution, from delivering classes online to streamlining business processes with improved data flow and analytics, Campbell said, and as a result, CIOs are no longer solely IT leaders, but help drive strategic initiatives for all departments of the institution.

“The CIO has an opportunity to bring how IT works to the university and leverage technology to solve an issue,” Campbell said.

And the job of the CIO is continuing to change, especially now that the pandemic has accelerated technology adoption and exposed how connected IT is to every function of the university, he said.

What is the role of the CIO in higher education?
“When I think about being a CIO in higher education, I think the role really is about being connected across the university, all departments and understanding truly the business of the university,” Campbell said. “CIO finds themselves today as as much a business consultant as they do a technologist.”

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