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The Nuances of the Free College Debate – Inside Higher Ed


Some Democrats and some Republicans don’t fit neatly into their expected boxes on the issue.

Campaigning at Florida Memorial University last week, Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris emphasized the importance of going to college, including historically Black colleges and universities like the one where she was speaking.

“It is the place where we nurture young people to see who they are and their role as part of leadership of our nation in whatever profession they choose,” she said.

And she said that she and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden would make going to college free for most students.

That went over well, because what’s not to like about free, right?

But less than two months before the election, one of the divisions between Biden and his Republican opponent, President Donald Trump, is over the Democratic plan to make attendance free at two-year colleges, as well as for those whose families make less than $125,000 at public four-year colleges, as well as public and private HBCUs.

There’s also the hundreds of billions of dollars that it would cost over the next decade.

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