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The College Board Is Sharing Student Data Once Again – Consumer Reports


A CR investigation found the education giant sending info to tech companies in ways that may contradict its own policies

  • The College Board is tracking students and sending information about their activity to advertising platforms at companies such as Facebook and Google.
  • Our researchers found ads on other websites that appeared to use tracking from the College Board website.
  • These practices seem to contradict the College Board’s explicit promises to consumers. The company may be sharing students’ information without consent.

For millions of students, the College Board is the gatekeeper to higher education. And according to a Consumer Reports investigation, the organization uses that role to collect and share information on those students—despite apparent promises to the contrary.

The nonprofit company owns and operates the SAT test. It also administers the Advanced Placement exams high school students take to earn college credit and strengthen their applications. And when you create an account on collegeboard.org to register for the SAT, sign up for an AP test, or research colleges and scholarships, the College Board sends details about your activity to at least seven tech companies that profit from advertising.

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