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University of Phoenix Master of Public Health emphasizes the skills to respond to health disparities in increasingly diverse communities


PHOENIX, June 17, 2020 — The University of Phoenix College of Health Professions has announced a new Master of Public Health (MPH) with a Concentration in Community Health Leadership. The program helps prepare learners of diverse health-related backgrounds to address health disparities and lead public health initiatives to help improve the quality of life within the communities they serve.

Today’s public health professionals must possess the competencies necessary to better respond to increasingly diverse communities. The U.S. Census Bureau predicts that racial minorities will comprise the majority of the nation by 2045.1 Health disparities between white and non-white populations, however, are growing,2 emphasizing the need for improved community health advocacy and leadership to address this inequity.

The MPH takes a population-based view of health, seeking to maximize the impact of health interventions for the greatest number of people. Students will be prepared to support communities by developing the skills and sensitivity required to analyze community health data and implement and lead diversity-focused health programs.

“The coronavirus outbreak has emphasized the critical impact of public health professionals working tirelessly on testing, tracing and guiding us through the pandemic. There will continue to be an increasing need for community health leadership to address current and future health challenges and disparities,” said Dr. Mark Johannsson, dean, College of Health Professions. “We are confident that the Master of Public Health program will produce professionals who are well equipped to lead in the diverse field of public health and the communities they represent.”

Throughout the program, students are taught career-relevant public health functions that can be directly applied to their workplace. This focus on applied learning provides students an opportunity to critically synthesize, apply and integrate the knowledge and skills acquired throughout their program of study in a community health setting. Furthermore, students will demonstrate leadership through developing public health strategies, working with and managing community stakeholders and implementing a community health initiative. Students will graduate with a portfolio demonstrating their public health competencies and ability to apply those competencies in a real-world setting.

The MPH culminates in a Community Health Leadership Experience, where students work with a placement organization to design and implement a public health project proposal relevant to an organizational or community need. The Experience requires at least 200 practice experience hours committed to the public health placement site.

To learn more about the University’s healthcare program offerings, visit https://www.phoenix.edu/degrees/healthcare.html.

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