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Sound quality: A must for educational video – University Business


Q-and-A with Ian Wilkinson of Texas Tech on how to create high-quality sound in educational videos

Ian Wilkinson of Texas Tech University’s College of Media and Communication will share best practices for faculty and administrators in producing high-quality sound in learning videos in his session at UB Tech® 2020, called “The Importance of Audio in Educational Video.”

As director of technology support services, Wilkinson works with his team to manage all aspects of technology services, including faculty and staff computers, classroom and conference room AV, digital signage, and inventory monitoring.

UB: Why is audio an essential factor in producing educational videos?

Wilkinson: Audio is usually more important than visual content. People can look away if the video is not good quality, but they cannot close their ears if the audio is crummy. Better audio quality helps those with hearing difficulties or disabilities and assists in the creation of accurate captions.

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