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Coronavirus Legislation Heads to President’s Desk: Phase 3 Highlights – E&L Blog


As we continue to combat this national health pandemic, President Trump has advocated for unity, calling on Members of Congress to work together with the administration to help American families, workers, and small businesses suffering from the health and economic consequences of the coronavirus. After days of unnecessary Democrat political posturing, today the House of Representatives passed by voice vote a coronavirus response package – phase 3 – that is the result of necessary bipartisan collaboration.

This bill includes a number of education and workforce provisions that will give our nation’s schools and businesses the flexibility they need to ensure students and American workers are supported during this unprecedented moment in our nation’s history. Here’s a deeper look at some of the Education and Labor Committee-related provisions:

Higher Education

  • Gives colleges and universities the flexibility needed to direct campus-based aid to students struggling the most in this environment.
  • Provides schools the flexibility to ensure this interrupted semester does not stop a students’ ability to continue class in the future. Students will not be on the hook for financial aid distributed to them when the pandemic forced them to drop out mid-term.
  • Frees institutional grants from restrictions that prevent minority serving institutions from better serving students in need.

Student Loan Borrowers

  • Provides direct financial relief to many student loan borrowers by pausing their monthly repayment requirements for six months and requiring the Secretary of Education to suspend all interest accumulation and monthly payments on federally held student loans.
  • Stops collecting student loans for borrowers in default.

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