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The Really Good And Really Bad News On Lifelong Learning – Forbes


We are now closer to the year 2050 than the year 1990. Let that sink in for a bit and along with it try to contemplate the massive talent development revolution we will face in the next 30 years. With rapidly changing technology, the speed at which businesses must operate to be competitive in a global economy and with human life expectancy rising steadily, it’s clear that lifelong learning will become essential for humans to remain relevant in the workplace. The bad news is there’s little evidence that lifelong learning can be taught and that any organization thus far has mastered it for their own human resource needs. The good news is that those hard truths might not matter anymore simply because lifelong learning will be thrust upon us as a staple of everyday work life. It will no longer be optional or aspirational; it will be a necessity and ubiquitous.

We’ve already heard some of the statistics that project people will have as many 15 different jobs over their working lifetime. And we know the shelf-life of technical skills, such as software development, are getting shorter and shorter.

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