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Out of Poverty, Into Health-Care Jobs – Inside Higher Ed


The College of Health Care Professions, a for-profit in Texas, has solid outcomes for low-income students in health-care fields. How does the model work?

The leader of a growing Texas college thinks his institution may have cracked the code for lifting students out of poverty and into careers in high-demand health-care fields. And he’s got student outcomes data to back that assertion.

Students who enroll at the College of Health Care Professions tend to arrive in “significantly distressed situations,” said Eric Bing, the college’s CEO. “Our goal is to stabilize.”

Most students have annual salaries of $9,000 to $15,000 when they first enter the for-profit college, which enrolls roughly 4,000 students and offers in-person, online and blended programs at its eight campuses across Texas. Students tend to get jobs and earn more than double their previous salaries after graduating from CHCP.

For example, the typical student in a medical assistant program at the college’s Austin campus is earning $12,300 when they enroll. But graduates of the certificate program earn a median wage of $25,200 in their first year after completing, according to federal data.

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