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BLS Projections Confirm Need for Postsecondary Career Education – CECU


The Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Projections for 2018 – 2028 confirm the need for postsecondary career education in sustaining America’s workforce. The Bureau projects total employment will grow by 8.4 million over the next nine years.

“The data confirms what we already know – the career programs offered by our sector’s schools reflect the nation’s projected growth,” said Steve Gunderson, President of Career Education Colleges and Universities (CECU).

The numbers show strong projected job growth in twelve key occupations. This growth in job opportunities comes from new jobs being created and people leaving the workforce (separations) due to retirement, job changes and returning to school. The aggregate demand, which combines these two figures, illustrates how important it is that students continue to have access to career education. Looking at the top twelve occupational programs offered by CECU Schools provides compelling data for the important mission of the sector:

  • Medical Assistants:
    • Projected 23% growth in the decade
    • 154,900 new jobs
    • 842,000 total jobs due to separations
    • 997,000 aggregated demand by 2028
    • 99,700 average annual demand

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