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Western State lives on – The National Jurist


So what’s a law school going for these days?

How about a $1?

While it’s common knowledge that the law school crisis has been devastating for a number of institutions, does this mark a new low? A buck? You could have checked under your sofa cushions, found some quarters and bought a law school.

Well, some perspective is necessary.

For Western State — and its 400 students — the sale means new life. The future of the Irvine, Calif., school was very much in question not that long ago when its former owner, Dream Center Education Holdings, went into receivership. That company had taken ownership of Argosy University, which had run the law school, among other higher education institutions.

A deal was struck between the school and Westcliff University, a for-profit college also based in Irvine, allowing it to take over the reins. Just recently, a federal court in Ohio approved the acquisition. So instead of another law school closing, one gets a reprieve.

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