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Ten Questions for the Income-Share Agreement Debate – Medium


Though still in their infancy, income-share agreements (ISAs) already have many skeptics as well as defenders. Continued discussion and debate are needed to ensure the best outcomes, especially for students. But what exactly should we be discussing?

At Lumina Foundation, we are doing everything we can to help make affordable, high-quality postsecondary credentials available to all. ISAs could be one part of the solution, depending on what we learn from early adopters, including three promising models described here.

With these early ISA adopters in mind, let’s consider what conditions might allow an ISA to optimize opportunities for students-and where an ISA could potentially do more harm than good. Here are 10 questions that can help us start to shape the debate.

  1. Why is the ISA being offered? Every other question on this list depends on how this first question is addressed. The purpose influences the design of the program, the terms offered to students, and the potential types of investors and sources of capital.

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