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Taking a Stand on Conflicts of Interest in Admissions – Inside Higher Ed


University of California adopts post-scandal plan, including ban on consideration of legacy status or ties to potential donors. Move comes as higher ed groups oppose federal legislation. System also tightens rules for admitting athletes.

University of California campuses were not as heavily implicated in the admissions scandal as were colleges such as the University of Southern California. Perhaps more embarrassing to the university system was an April report in the Los Angeles Times that in 2014 the University of California, Los Angeles, was aware of instances in which the parents of athletes made donations to UCLA’s athletics department in return for the admission of their children.

After the scandal broke, the university system vowed to conduct an audit of its admissions processes to determine whether adequate safeguards were in place. Last week, the university system released the audit — which found some vulnerabilities — and pledged to adopt the recommendations.

Also last week, new details emerged about the ringleader, and another parent — one of the big spenders in the scandal — pleaded guilty.

UC Stance Against Considering Legacy and Donor Status
The overall theme of the University of California audit was that the appropriate rules were in place. But at the same time, university officials said that the scandal drove home for them the need to be sure that policies and procedures had enough safeguards in place to be sure that UC campuses — among the most competitive of public universities nationwide — couldn’t be fooled or pressured to make admissions decisions inconsistent with university values.

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