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Fact-checking nine 2020 Democratic candidates in South Carolina – CNN


For-profit colleges

Harris, the former attorney general of California, took credit for putting for-profit colleges out of business.

“Not only am I the child of parents who were active in civil rights, fighters and marchers, I also had a career as a prosecutor. So let me tell you a little bit about that. … I took on for-profit colleges and put them out of business.”

Facts First: As attorney general, Harris had a major role in the campaign of investigations and lawsuits that put a major for-profit college company based in California, Corinthian Colleges, Inc., out of business. But she overstated her role when she suggested that she put the company out of business by herself. In fact, its final collapse came as a result of an act by the federal government.

In 2013, Harris filed a lawsuit accusing Corinthian of false and predatory advertising, securities fraud, unlawful use of military seals in ads and making intentional misrepresentations to students. She obtained a $1.1 billion judgment against the company in 2016, the year after it filed for bankruptcy.

But Harris’ efforts were not the sole reason for the company’s downfall. The Obama administration had a lot to do with it, too.

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