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WGU Academy: The New Mega-Pathway To College Readiness – Forbes


Western Governors University (WGU) has just launched WGU Academy, a new program to address the college-readiness gap faced by an increasing number of students. The Academy will operate as a separate unit under the WGU umbrella and will offer courses designed to help aspiring, but underprepared, college students get up to speed for college success. Enrollment will begin May 1, 2019.

The Academy features several of the characteristics that have made WGU a leader in on-line education, especially for adults who want to return to college.

  • Academy students will enroll in online courses using the competency-based format associated with the WGU model.
  • Students will pay a monthly fee rather than a full semester of tuition. The expected time for completion is about three months, but that will depend on the pace at which a given student proceeds through the material. At the expected completion rate of three months, the cost of the Academy would be less than $500.
  • Because of its focus on competence, the Academy’s courses will be customized to the needs and abilities of individual students.

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