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Thoughts on Argosy – Inside Higher Ed


An institution’s demise.

Argosy University, a well-known formerly for-profit university known for graduate programs in psychology and related disciplines, is either dead or dying, depending on the information source. This comes two years after a deeply weird buyout and conversion to nominally nonprofit status by the Dream Center, a move that I found mystifying at the time.

Tressie McMillan Cottom pointed out on Twitter that most of its students are graduate students, often pursuing doctorates. Accreditation issues aside — and that’s saying a lot — that makes subsequent transfer much harder than it would be for most undergraduates. Graduate programs don’t typically take courses in transfer at all. And if they do, they insist on their own comprehensive exams and dissertations. In practice, that means that many students will lose recognition for everything they’ve done in their programs; at most, they might be able to get loan forgiveness.

At least at the undergraduate level, there’s a common practice of transfer, and of credit by examination. At the graduate level, each program is bespoke.

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