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The Admissions Scandal and a Service for Ph.D.s – Inside Higher Ed


Popular alternative-academic career platform was bought last year by the foundation behind the recently uncovered undergraduate admissions scheme.

So far, there’s no public evidence that the stupefying undergraduate admissions scandal has touched graduate admissions.

Still, the case has touched graduate education: Versatile Ph.D., which was a leader in the alternative-academic career-coaching space, and which still rakes in annual fees from subscriber institutions, was purchased last year by the Key Worldwide Foundation. That’s the foundation William (Rick) Singer — the alleged leader of the fraudulent admissions ring — started in 2012. His separate admissions business was dubbed “the Key.”

Both the foundation and the admissions business have been implicated in the federal case against Singer and dozens of his alleged co-conspirators, from sports coaches to Hollywood types trying to get their kids into college. And Singer, who is cooperating with federal authorities, already agreed in a plea deal to forfeit the foundation’s interests, including those in Versatile Ph.D.

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