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Commerce Chief to Stress Workforce Development – Politico


In his “State of American Business” address this morning, Donohue will push workforce development as a top priority, with a particular focus on education, according to excerpts from the speech provided to Morning Education.

— “Our challenge today is to preserve, strengthen and expand the American dream — and put it within the reach of every child, every family, every worker, and every entrepreneur,” Donohue plans to say. “The Chamber’s agenda for 2019 and beyond is built around this simple idea — to harness our new-found economic strength, do everything we can to keep it going, and put it to work on behalf of all Americans who hope for a shot at their own unique American dream.”

— Donohue plans to say the Chamber is “working to strengthen the foundation of opportunity by focusing on early learning and K-12 education” and “promoting smart choices in post-secondary education or training so that students can get a return on their investment and earn credentials of value in the market.” He will also say “the future requires lifelong learning. So we must change the way we think about, accredit, and fund post-secondary education.”

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