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Data dispute effectively kills ‘gainful’ rule – Politico


The Trump administration this fall missed a key deadline to finalize Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ proposal to completely eliminate the Obama-era “gainful employment” rule. But an inter-agency dispute over data-sharing has already effectively killed the regulation.

— Education Department officials confirmed they remain unable to produce the data needed to gauge the performance of colleges under the rule, which cuts off federal funding to programs at for-profit schools and other career college programs where graduates have high loan debt relative to their earnings.

— But the Social Security Administration, which must provide the earnings data, will not agree to renew an information-sharing agreement with the Education Department that expired in May. “The Social Security Administration has determined that they cannot share data for purposes other than to administer the Social Security Act,” Cynthia Hammond, a career Education Department official, said at a conference last week.

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