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Community Care College Opens State of the Art Surgical Technologist Lab


Lab-Front-Desk[Tulsa, Oklahoma, December 4th, 2018] – Community Care College will be hosting a ribbon cutting ceremony on December 4th, 2018 to signify the grand opening of their new surgical technologist lab. The ceremony will be held during the grand reopening of Community Care College. The ribbon cutting will kick off the ceremony at 11:00 am. The CCC grand reopening event will last until 7:00 pm.Lab-Equipment

“I would like to thank everyone that made this possible for our students. This lab does not only belong to the Surgical Technologist program. This space is for the students interested in interior design that can walk by and realize what their department head designed. It’s for the welding students that helped us install tracks for our Sterile Processing Department. Finally, it is for all students enrolled in Career Learning Development prior to starting their core program. They can walk by, take a look, and know that they are a part of Community HigherEd, a company that truly puts students first,” said Jon Studdard, Surgical Technologist Department Head and Instructor.

The Surgical Technologist program consistently reaches their maximum enrollment capacity of 30 students per class. With up to 60 students on campus at the same time, it was vital that Community Care College choose to increase lab space. The Community Care College Surgical Technologist program and Clary Sage College Interior Design program developed this idea and design together.

“By recreating a real-life laboratory environment we are able to go beyond just reading about equipment in a book. We can now apply that knowledge with hands-on training,” commented Studdard.

Lab-LampsSurgical Technologists prepare both the patient and the operating room for surgeries. During surgery, the surgical technologist sterilizes equipment and instruments, passes instruments to surgeons, and holds organs in place. They also then dress the wound and transfer patients to recovery rooms. Community Care College instructors combine classroom instruction and hands-on learning to fully prepare students to be successful in any operating room.

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Community Care College is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dually licensed and accredited institution offering various diploma and degree programs in healthcare, business and lifestyle careers. For more information on CCC’s parent company, visit CommunityHigherEd.

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