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The Invisible Boot Camp – Inside Higher Ed


Trilogy Education Services runs coding boot camps for a growing number of universities. The partnerships are lucrative for the institutions, but are they worth the reputational risk?

The homepage of Trilogy Education Services’ website prominently displays the phrase “Universities Trust Trilogy.”

Trust is an important part of universities’ bargain with Trilogy. The company runs coding boot camps for the continuing education divisions of dozens of well-known institutions such as Rutgers University, the University of California, Berkeley, Georgia Institute of Technology and many more.

But Trilogy doesn’t run boot camps under its own name. It uses the branding and reputation of its university partners to attract students, often with only a small “powered by Trilogy Education Services” listed at the bottom of webpages that advertise the boot camps.

In exchange for leasing their names and spaces, universities’ continuing education divisions get a share of tuition revenue generated by the Trilogy-run boot camps. The universities say the partnerships also help fulfill their mission of providing non-degree-level credentials and job-relevant training to local adults and a smaller number of university graduates and/or students.

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