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The Colorado Attorney General’s Assault on CollegeAmerica Trial Begins


This is a story about a gross injustice perpetrated against a private career college and its hard-working, dedicated staff, instructors, and students.

The Colorado Attorney General (“AG”) is attacking CollegeAmerica and has been doing so for more than five years. The assault is led by Assistant Attorney General Libby Webster (formerly DeBlasio), who apparently loathes businesses and profits, believes that college education should be “free,” and seeks to cripple and close private career colleges that make government-run community colleges look bad by comparison.

Webster’s assault is part of a broader, nationwide crusade against private career colleges, which has been underway for more than seven years. Since 2010, various state attorneys general, in conjunction with the Department of Education and other government agencies, have engaged in coordinated attacks on private career colleges across America. This assault has already driven more than 1,000 colleges out of business and is likely to drive out many more.

This paper is about the Colorado AG’s efforts to destroy CollegeAmerica. But the paper will be of interest to anyone who cares about the free market and about what happens to good businesses when government officials abuse power.

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