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Accreditation issues threaten Miller-Motte College’s future


Miller-Motte College is having some serious issues with its accreditation and is no longer enrolling new students in some programs.

A “notice to students and prospective students” recently posted on their homepage reads the Wilmington campus “has been placed on student achievement show-cause by their accreditor…due to consistent noncompliance with retention standards.”

The Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) notes Miller-Motte’s retention standards of 54 percent in 2015 and 56 percent in 2016.

The same notice says approval for the college’s paralegal program has been withdrawn because of student retention issues, and the college’s Criminal Justice Bachelor of Science program has been placed on “show cause” status for the same reason.

We reached out to a Miller-Motte for an explanation on why this happened and what this will mean for current students. Spokesman Chuck Vella provided a statement which reads in part:

“ACICS challenges its schools to meet or exceed their standards and has issued directives as noted on the Miller-Motte Wilmington website. Similar notices can be seen on ACICS accredited schools across the country.

Miller-Motte’s administration and faculty work hard to encourage students to stay in school. In addition, Miller-Motte provides lifetime placement services to help graduates find employment in their fields of study.

Miller-Motte College Wilmington also pushes back on ACICS when it believes the school is meeting or exceeding the relevant standards. ACICS directives and notices are based upon prior years; they do not reflect achievement for the current year.”

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