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DeVry to Rebrand as Adtalem Global Education


DeVry Education Group is seeking to change its name to Adtalem Global Education Inc., it revealed to shareholders in an SEC filing.

The filing asks shareholders to vote in favor of the name change ahead of a May 22 shareholder meeting at the company’s headquarters.

DeVry in recent years has broadened its geographic reach and portfolio of educational offerings. More than half of its 225,000 students are now in Brazil, and nearly a fifth are at health-care institutions. The name Adtalem — meaning “to empower” in Latin — reflects those changes, the filing says.

It’s been a little more than three years since the company’s last name change from DeVry Inc.

Even before the new name change, the company has sought to differentiate itself publicly from the rest of the for-profit sector. It has responded to increased regulatory scrutiny — and negative headlines — for the sector by announcing self-imposed reforms such as voluntarily limiting the amount of revenue it takes in from federal aid. However, representatives of other for-profits said DeVry’s institutions wouldn’t be substantially affected by those self-imposed limits.

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