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Zenith’s Interim President Leads With an Open Door
CER Interview With Troy A. Stovall, Interim President, Zenith Education Group

The Zenith Education Group finalized the acquisition of more than 50 Everest and WyoTech campuses from Corinthian Colleges, Inc. and transitioned them from for-profit to nonprofit status. Mr. Stovall discusses the challenges and goals as interim president. 

Conversion of a Postsecondary Educational Institution from a For-Profit to a Nonprofit, Tax-Exempt Entity
By Cooley LLP

This article outlines the regulatory and tax concerns in converting a postsecondary educational institution (the “Institution”) into a nonprofit entity. 

People Before Vision
By David J. Waldron, Author, Speaker, and Advisor on Organizational Effectiveness

Walden discusses key concepts from the book “Good to Great,” by Jim Collins, as the basis of this article to demonstrate how private sector education schools and companies can make the leap to greatness.

So you Want to be a Corporate Director? Practical Considerations of Director Liability
By Bill Ojile, Senior Vice President – Chief Legal & Administrative Officer, Alta Colleges, Inc.

This article will explore the general responsibilities of a director to the corporation and its shareholders and will examine the unique obligations that directors of for-profit post-secondary education institutions have under United States Department of Education rules. 

Celebrating Fifty Years: How a Vision of Career Education Became a University
Written from an interview with Henry Herzing, Co-Founder, Former President and Chancellor Emeritus, Herzing University and Renee Herzing, President and CEO, Herzing University

Herzing University is celebrating its 50th year anniversary in 2015 and recently become a 501(c)(3) nonprofit tax-exempt educational institution; a conversion the family completed to assure the legacy of Herzing continues another 50 plus years. 

Why Structure a College or University as an L3C?
By Robert Lang, CEO, Americans for Community Development

The L3C is a variant form of LLC and represents a new tool in the toolbox of business organizational structures. For colleges and universities it can truly be the best of both worlds and a way to get tax-deductible donations, explains Lang. 


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