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The Clinical Coordinating Council: A Competitive Advantage For Your School

By Janet H. Davis MBA, PhD, RN, Dean of Nursing, Violet Schumacher School of Nursing, Northwestern College 

Securing and maintaining clinical affiliations is a priority for allied health programs. Holding programmatic accreditation can be leveraged to launch a Clinical Coordinating Council, which offers a competitive advantage to your school.  

Show Them the Way: Career Services Experts Share Best Job Search Practices for Students

By Jamie Gadette, Content Director, JobDash

JobDash polled 100 career services professionals working in higher education to gather their expert opinions on best job search practices. Rebecca Edwards of Eagle Gate College joins the conversation by sharing her take on the informative results. 

The NCLEX-RN: Adapting to the New Exam

By Bob Atkins, CEO and Founder of Gray Associates, Kay Lenhart, MSN, CNE, RN-BC (Informatics), Sarah Gabua, DNP, RN, and Kate Eby, MN, APRN, FNP, CNE, Healthcare Partners at Gray Associates

In April 2013, the new NCLEX-RN® was launched – and pass rates tumbled by 12 points.  This article discuses how adapting a nursing program to the new, conceptual approach can more than overcome the effects of the NCLEX-RN changes. 

Old School VS New School: Comparing Admissions’ Interactions With Prospects of Non-Profit & For-Profit Schools

By Martin Lind, Education Vertical Director, Velocify and Gregg Meiklejohn, Co-Founder & CEO, Enrollment Resources

New research provides a head-to-head comparison of enrollment tactics at non-profit vs for-profit schools and uncovers how each group’s inquiry response strategy and user experiences compare. 

Is Our Iceberg Melting? Competency-Based Learning Does Not Have to Disrupt

By Larry Banks, Ph.D., Director, Competency Based Education Services, Wonderlic, Inc.

Dr. Banks discussing competency-based learning and how the Daymar College Group has refreshed and renewed their Medical Assisting program by developing its competency-based learning model in phases. 

Setting More Admissions Appointments that Show

By Matthew Schmoker, President/CEO, Legacy Solutions

Today’s student demands a different method that connects and ensures a great first impression is be made during the initial phone call.  Schmoker examines five variables driving this demand. 


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