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School Operations

The APSCU Leadership Institute is Not Just Getting Older – it is Getting Better

By Dr. James (Jim) Hutton, Publisher, CER and Managing Direct, KUCCEL

Students who attended the APSCU Leadership Institute left energized and ready to put into practice what they learned.  This article summarizes the Institute and list key takeaways from each teacher. 

Student Retention

Debunking the Myths of Student Retention

By Martha Lanaghen, Founder and CEO, The Sparrow Group

Learn the six myths of student retention and how to convert the truth into action to drive improved retention. 

School Operations

Effective Inquiry Generation

By Jason Pistillo, President and CEO, University of Advancing Technology written by Martha McCormick

Jason Pistillo discusses what effectiveness means and shares some evaluation techniques to maximizing the return on the inquiry generation. 

Education Politics & Policy

Perils of the Pack Rat: Document Retention Practices to Help Avoid Compliance Concerns

By Robert B. (Ben) Walker, Jr., Esq., Senior Associate, Ritzert & Leyton PC

It is critical to closely consider how you want to implement data retention/destruction policies, including what the potential ramifications might be in the future. 

Student Retention

Practices That Motivate Students to Become Academic Partners Who Persist

By Sally Leslie, Director of Institutional Effectiveness, DeVry College of New York

What are some of the practices we can use to motivate students to persist with us in an increasingly challenging higher education environment? 

Career School Services

Why School as a Service is a Key Weapon in the Growing Battle for Students

By Martin Lind, Education Vertical Director, Velocify and Corey Greendale, Senior Vice President, First Analysis

The worlds of traditional and proprietary schools are starting to collide with growing frequency. Competition for the same students is accelerating among schools that used to serve two distinct student bases. 

Research & Demographic Findings & Trends

A Research Agenda for For-Profit Colleges and Universities

By Guilbert Hentschke, William G. Tierney, & Mark DeFusco, Pullias Center for Higher Education, University of Southern California

The following research agenda addresses what authors believe to be the most pressing and fundamental policy issues affecting the scope, cost, quality, and accessibility of for-profit higher education. 


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