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The Career School Alumni Community: Ten-Year Results at Pima Medical Institute

By Dr. Susan F. Schulz, Founding Owner, Schulz School Advisors as reported to by June Gudeman, Alumni Coordinator, Pima Medical Institute

Alumni communities provide career schools and colleges a competitive opportunity. PMI’s alumni community has impacted admissions, enrollment, compliance, staff and faculty development, retention, career and student services, gainful employment, internships, branding, and more. 


Clearly Expanded: Gainful Employment II’s Transparency Framework

By Peter S. Leyton, Esq. and Stephen T. Chema II, Esq., Ritzert & Leyton, PC

There are numerous differences between the reporting and disclosure requirements contained in GE II’s Transparency Framework that expand beyond the reach of the 2011 rule. Awareness of these changes is important for institutions and school officers.  


Affordable and Effective Web Solutions for Bigger Branding

By Rick Anderson, Amy Coffman and Scott A. Gayer of Gragg Advertising Creative Services

School brands can take advantage of affordable and efficient means to build meaningful dialogue with students through a more consistent and relevant Web presence. 


A Greater Danger!

By Dennis Spisak, President, DJSpisak Consulting

The career education community needs to be aware of the attack coming at us at the state level via the attorney generals and consumer protection agencies in our states. This is a growing threat and a threat that has to be addressed in a firm and timely fashion. 


Medical Stop-Loss Captives and The Impact of Health Care Reform on Private Sector Schools

By Bruce Denson, Executive Vice President and Bo Hartsfield, Vice President, Cobbs Allen

It is hard to quantify the financial impact of healthcare reform, both at a micro and macro-economical level. There are, however, a few things we can reasonably assume about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) as it relates to private sector education. 


State Authorization: Feds Give More Breathing Room, But Shed Little Additional Light

By Katherine Brodie and Peter S. Leyton, Esq., Ritzert & Leyton, PC

The purpose of this article is to update the CER readership on what is new about the status of the state authorization rule and to flag compliance concerns that impact schools today. 


Leading by Example: Why it is Imperative for Higher Ed CEOs to get Active on Social Media

By Andy Kelley, President, Effective Student Marketing

The number one reason CEOs need to be active on social media is to put an actual identifiable person behind their institution. A school needs a face attached to its brand and the more a CEO is willing to become the voice of the institution, the more students will connect and trust both


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